Don’t be fooled by low interest rates or quick turn around times!


When borrowing: BE SURE that the interest rate being offered on the loan is fixed on not variable. This means that it cannot change over time. BE SURE that your interest is calculated on the reducing balance.

This means that your monthly repayment gets lower as you go along. BE SURE to check out all the fees you have to pay to get this loan. BE SURE to know what the penalties are for late or non payment of loans. BE SURE to find out if your loan is insured. This means if you die or become permanently disabled, you loan does not become the burden of your family members.


DID YOU KNOW…..? That at the St Lucia Teachers’ Credit Union Ltd, fees for loans are often non existent! That your loans at the St Lucia Teachers’ Credit Union are insured and if you become permanently disabled or die, your debt is cancelled!


Talk to a representative today and let us help you to BORROW SMART!!