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Who Can Join

The SLTCC serves persons working in teaching and teaching related institutions, and their family. Therefore, all teachers be it in government or private schools; other workers in these institutions, cooks, security, secretary, janitors, workers in the Ministry of Education, St. Lucia Teachers' Union and the spouses, children and siblings of these workers are all entitled to membership.

Every member of the St. Lucia Teachers' Credit Union Co-operative Ltd. shall be:

  • not younger than 16 years of age, and
  • a teacher, or an employee of an education institution or
  • spouse, child or sibling of a member or
  • an employee of the Society

To apply for membership, simply obtain an application from from the Office of the Society, or download a form.

Return completed from to the office along with two valid forms of photo ID and $10.00 for entrance fee and a passbook. You are also required to purchase a minimum of twenty shares ($100.00).

Personal Member

Determine identity and establish residency. Two (2) forms of picture identification must be retained and filed. (If the member only has one form of picture identification, management authorization must be obtained before proceeding with opening of the account). Information required, supporting documentation and procedures include:

  • Full name and alias name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Current permanent address
  • Postal address – verify address with a form of documentation – utility bill, official correspondence
  • Telephone, fax number and email address (s)
  • Occupation and name of employer or nature of self-employment
  • Introductory/Reference Letter from present bankers/ Credit Enquiry, where necessary
  • Valid Driver’s License with photo or current valid passport
  • National Identification Card
  • Birth Certificates of children
  • Marriage certificate
  • Document from Solicitor evidencing common law relationship
  • Authorization to transact for third party where necessary
  • Verifying that individual is eligible for membership (i.e. age 16, Teacher, spouse, parent, thrift, child, retired teacher, common law relationship, employee of and at an Education Institution)
  • Ensuring that application form is duly completed (including the proposed by and witness section’s)
  • Seeking approval from the Registrar of Co-operatives if the applicant is a member of another Credit Union